“Life coaching is such a great title as in this very difficult time, it’s important to have many people on your team to cheer you on. I felt empowered and able to carry on through all of this. A year ago I never thought the human spirit could be capable of ‘rising above’.”

Since 2005 I have had the good fortune of coaching many professional women in the midst of overwhelming challenges. Whether dealing with work- related issues, relationship issues, health problems, grief and loss, or identity shifts of retirement, each was committed to change. A few would like to share with you the impact of our coaching partnership.

Sloane Hammond Gryphon Hollow Farm, Ashcroft, BC gryphonhollow.com


“I have operated a horse farm for many years now and work full- time to support facility development. Prior to beginning life coaching with Bonnie, I was recovering from severe depression and anxiety brought on by employment instability, and multiple family illnesses. Bonnie used a solution- focused coaching approach, rather than a therapeutic approach to support me to refocus, prioritize, and stay focused on my goals for healing.

After only a few coaching sessions, I could see a positive and productive future for myself pursuing a full- time career in the area I love. If you wish to reach your dreams, I highly recommend that you contact Bonnie to discover the variety of ways she can support you.”

Denise Vielfaur Retired RN & Piano Coach, Winnipeg, MB


“I thank Bonnie for being such an important part of my journey with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Her CD ‘Healing your Life’ was crucial in helping me combat insomnia issues during treatment and in giving me direction in healing. I feel blessed to have met her and have her as a life coach.

Life coaching is such a great title as in this very difficult time, it’s important to have many people on your team to cheer you on. I felt empowered and able to carry on through all of this. A year ago I never thought the human spirit could be capable of ‘rising above’. Even though the process is ongoing, each day brings a new metamorphosis of spirit. ‘A work in progress’ as they say...”

Jane Strobb Counsellor, Regina, SK


“My daughters were 7 and 5 when their dad and I separated. I knew it was better for my daughters to live with one healthy parent than two unhealthy parents. But, working full time, juggling my schedule and theirs, stresses of finances, which gave no room for extra child- care support, left me exhausted.

With Bonnie’s guidance, I developed a plan that:

  • Invited my daughters to make a game of household clean- up
  • Included FUN times for us together and me separately at NO or minimal expense
  • Involved emotional and financial support from their dad

In the end, this plan reduced stress for all of us and taught us about respect and cooperation in building healthy family relationships.”

Nancy JosephsonPromoter & Organizer, Ashcroft, BC


“While I had enjoyed a long career in education, I was ready to retire. I thought this readiness enough to carry me with energy and focus into the next part of my life. However, in the first few months of my new state, I discovered I really hadn’t planned for the emotions around this ‘identity shift.’ Who was I if I wasn’t a teacher…a consultant?

Bonnie helped me to sort through this unexpected feeling of limbo. After only a few sessions I had:

  • A clearer vision of who I was apart from work and career.
  • Precise words in answer to the question, ‘What do you do?’
  • Short and long- term goals based on my passions and interests.

Bonnie’s assistance through this life shift was invaluable in energizing me in a new way. I recommend her guidance to all contemplating “retirement”.”

Glenda YorkMedical Transcriptionist,Napanee, ON


“My husband passed away after a very rapidly advancing cancer and, needless to say, my whole world was changed dramatically. Bonnie was there to guide me through one of the worst experiences of my life.

I am now in the phase of looking at what the future holds. I am so thankful that I have Bonnie’s expertise to guide me in this planning phase. I wholeheartedly recommend Bonnie to anyone who is in the midst of grief and loss. The support you receive will, without doubt, be the most positive experience throughout the whole process, and will help you to learn to live again with peace and confidence.”

Nicola ChopinResearch Assistant,Edmonton, AB


“Before I began coaching, I was unemployed,my family life was unfulfilling and I was an emotional wreck. I didn’t know how to get myself back on track.

Then I began life coaching with Bonnie. She supported me to plan a phenomenal approach and land a great job that is the first stepping- stone towards acquiring my dream job. My job has provided me with invaluable experience that will allow me to pursue graduate school and a rewarding career.

I highly recommend Bonnie for anyone who wishes to excel in their career and wants to achieve balance in all aspects of their life.”

Karen B.Calgary, AB


“After investing 12 years in a long- term relationship, I was ready for marriage and children. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that that was not my partner’s plan. As painful as it was, I left the relationship. Bonnie supported me through the teary, tough times and to begin to look at letting go of the old to make room for the new.

Now, two years later, I am married, pregnant and happier than I have ever been. If you want a fresh perspective and a champion in your corner, call Bonnie.”

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