Are you ready to take off the handbrake and accelerate towards being visible, appreciated, and well compensated?

A lot of women have a FEAR of putting themselves "out there"! It's like they're driving with the handbrake on and wondering why they're not getting where they want to be.

In this fun and interactive presentation you'll discover practices to develop your powerful and feminine presence so that you can be that confident, magnetic woman who attracts more clients, more attention, more respect and more money doing what you love.

"Before working with Bonnie, I felt small and fearful. I wanted desperately to "be seen and be heard" but could hardly even articulate those desires. Minutes into our session, I felt safe and calm. Bonnie's incredible process of tapping into my feminine power allowed me to be vulnerable with myself so that I could accept the fear, know it was ok and feel totally secure and empowered. Within less than 24 hours of our work together, I had a huge breakthrough that's still having ripple effects in my business and in my life!!! Bonnie is truly a master and I would happily welcome the opportunity to work with her again!"

~ Madeleine, CEO, MM MacRae Coaching


Are you hiding? Feeling invisible? Unappreciated?

Is fear stopping you from putting yourself “out there”? Discover how to develop your personal presence so you can attract more clients, more authentic relationships, more attention, more respect and more money doing what you love.

In this powerful presentation, you’ll discover:

  • The four pillars of presence to accelerate your confidence, magnetism, and credibility
  • A foundational practice that helps you connect with every person you meet.
  • The best antidote for when your body “apologizes” so you can have more “WOW factor!”

Bonnie Earl spent 35 years in the public education system as a teacher, counselor and principal inspiring change. After the death of her husband, she felt compelled to combine her vast speaking, teaching and coaching experience to help professional women develop their presence so that they have the impact they want and make good money doing what they love.

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Connect with your Feminine Power

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