Let’s Create Magic in Your Life

Bonnie has helped hundreds of women. Whether it's the death of a spouse, retirement, major illness, or creating work life balance, she consistently helps her clients create the results they MOST desire.

What most people are lacking is a concrete vision of their ideal future, and a clear path to get there. With each coaching package we choose to focus on:

  • Solutions NOT Problems
  • the Present and Future NOT the past
  • Design an action plan - that moves you from where you are to where you want to be.

Located in Calgary Alberta, Bonnie offers coaching sessions in person or by phone.


“It’s not often that one person or event can be credited with changing another person’s life. But for clients of Bonnie Earl, such success stories abound.”

Which Area of Your Life Needs To Change?


You can create clarity and direction in your life regardless of the status of an illness that you are struggling with. Life coaching is a powerful tool to help you take back the reins in your life and focus on what you have control of - your response.


By their nature, important relationships are more challenging because so much is at stake. With new skills and a new viewpoint, developed through life coaching, transform your current relationship or let it go and begin anew with confidence.


While it’s normal to experience ‘identity shifts’ after retirement, if you are feeling out of touch with yourself and who you really are now, life coaching can help you move quickly and easily from uncertainty to clarity.


Life coaching can help you tame the stress, guilt, anxiety, and frustration that make overwhelming demands even more taxing and distressful. If your life is filled with unrelenting pressure and stress, coaching can help you create peace and ease.


The death of your loved one may have knocked you off your feet. Life coaching can help you get back up and help you to begin creating a new life and a new normal. Your life will not be the same and yet it can again be filled with peace, love, laughter, and confidence.

Connect with your Feminine Power

Contact Bonnie if you are ready to move from a stressful, pressure- filled life to peace, ease and quality time.
Discover how life coaching can help you create the life balance you desire.