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Are you struggling under the weight of overwhelming life challenges? Along with being a powerful feminine leader, you may also be facing issues like relationship struggles, a major illness, the death of a spouse, retirement, work-life balance or other life issues? I've been there, and as women we are best able to thrive when supported by a woman who understands, and beleives in the best in you and for you.

Life coaching is an empowering, supportive, and pro-active way to move from where you are to what you truly want in life.

As your life coach, I will work with you to clarify and support you in taking action at the pace you set. My passion is EMPOWERING WOMEN TO THRIVE.

If you are ready to STAND UP, BE SEEN AND HEARD, INSPIRE CHANGE, please fill out the form, or call me directly to learn more and find out how I can best support you in your journey.


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Contact Bonnie if you are ready to move from a stressful, pressure- filled life to peace, ease and quality time.
Discover how life coaching can help you create the life balance you desire.