The Feminine Essence that lives inside every woman. It’s an energetic, empowering, and magnetic quality that has nothing to do with the way you look on the outside. When a woman embodies her feminine essence she does not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and attention she wants. She becomes attractive, radiant, sensual, and grounded.


There are women who walk into a room and are noticed by many. They have an air of confidence about them that is attractive. There are others who frequently comment that: "No one remembers I was even there." One has 'presence,' one does not. Presence makes people feel more attracted to you, and trusting of you.

In the pursuit of a career, or having to take care of so many people around them, many women have disconnected from their feminine essence and their personal presence without realizing it. This affects everything; from being able to attract and keep a passionate lasting love, the state of their health, fulfillment in their work, and to the unfortunate situation of women competing against women everywhere.


Bonnie Earl spent 35 years in the public education system as a teacher, counsellor, elementary and secondary school principal inspiring change. After the death of her husband to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), she felt compelled to work with women. Combining her many years of speaking, teaching, coaching, and the embodiment practices of the Art of Feminine Presence, Bonnie recently founded her own company, Bonnie Earl Coaching Inc dedicated to teaching women who want to make a difference in the world, how to embrace their powerful and feminine leader within so that they can BE SEEN & HEARD in Business and Life.

Bonnie is a proud mom to two accomplished daughters and nana to two adorable grandchildren. She is a Reiki Master, QiGong and Feng Shui enthusiast.

Bonnie Earl

This work has been so powerful for me that I had to start sharing it, and now, I am so honoured as time and time again, I get to watch this work create amazing results in the lives of my clients.

How can women be POWERFUL and feminine?


  • Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want:
    personally & professionally.
  • Feel more comfortable with your sensuality, and with receiving positive attention.
  • Experience more passion in your life - particularly your love life.
  • Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.
  • Learn to follow your "higher guidance" rather than always pushing to make things happen.
  • Look and feel more confident and radiant when you walk into a room.


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Calgary, AB

Classes are ongoing and are offered in series of 5 at a time.

Many women continue these classes for months, sometimes years. Others just do one series.
All options are respected.

For more information: Contact Bonnie Earl at 587.227.9945 or Bonnie@Bonnie- Earl.com.

Carla Leene Hypnotherapist,
Calgary, AB

Bonnie, THANK YOU for being an outstanding facilitator, mentor and role model in the Art of Feminine Presence. The five weeks of the program flew by and your empowering (and empowered) approach was exceptional. I am so glad I listened to my inner voice and chose you to introduce me to this important and very relevant work. I am now regularly practicing the (easy!) exercises and have found that my view of myself and my place in the world shifted dramatically during the time of the program and continues to this day. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Connect with your Feminine Power

Contact Bonnie if you are ready to move from a stressful, pressure- filled life to peace, ease and quality time.
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