About Bonnie Earl

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

My name is Bonnie Earl, and I was once very much where you are now. I spent 35 years working as a teacher, counsellor, elementary and secondary school principal in the Canadian public school system. After the death of my husband to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), I felt I needed to get a life. I didn’t have a life outside of work. I was Principal of a school, now single mom, also caring for my husband’s elderly mom, doing my masters, and building a women’s wellness centre for good measure. Rather than dealing with the emotion, I just worked harder to the point of exhaustion.

In 2005, I made one of the most difficult but best decisions of my life. I took an early retirement from a fulfilling career in education to follow my passion of empowering women to thrive even and especially in times of change.

I knew I had two choices, continue doing what I was doing, or strike off in a new direction.

I had a very amazing woman come into my life, and coach me through this transition. I learned to understand WHY this had happened to me, and how to create balance in my life. I learned about coaching, the power of women supporting other women, and I learned about the Art of Feminine Presence, a work that has allowed me to centre into myself. I also learned how to find my own inner radiance, and how to attract the respect, and attention that I once worked so HARD to achieve through other means.

This work has been so powerful for me that I had to start sharing it, and now, I am so honoured as time and time again, I get to watch this work create amazing results in the lives of my clients.

If you’re reading this, I know you understand the pains of being a woman keeping it ALL together in an ever-changing and challenging world. I invite you to consider how you would benefit from this work.

I am deeply grateful to share the journey of life with so many amazing women and would be honored to be part of your team as a catalyst for positive change!

Bonnie Earl is a Women's Empowerment Coach,
Certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher and Inspirational Speaker.

She empowers women to Stand Up, Be Seen and Heard, and Inspire Change. 

Connect with your Feminine Power

Contact Bonnie if you are ready to move from a stressful, pressure- filled life to peace, ease and quality time.
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